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About Us

Building Confidence, Strength and Resilience through Athletics

Washington Athletic Academy is Seattle's premier athletic academy providing a world-class sports performance and training program.  Established in 2019 with six baseball teams, Washington Athletic Academy has grown to 12 baseball teams, five fastpitch teams and six volleyball teams for the 2022/2023 season.  Washington Athletic Academy currently has over 275 athletes and families participating in our programs.

Our goal is to provide a complete program where our players can discover their full potential, not only as an athlete but as a person.  Our programs are designed to help guide our athletes towards achieving their goals and maximizing their potential.

With our experienced trainers, coaches, teachers, and mentors, WAA will set the standard for total academic, athletic and personal development for student-athletes.

Washington Athletic Academy programs are led by world-class trainers who provide specialized instruction,  a speed and agility program, a strength program and a yoga program to aid in strength, balance, core, flexibility and calm for our athletes.  We also provide a physical therapist to help our athletes reduce injuries and assist in recovery.  In addition, we offer a nutrition program designed to get our athletes on the right track nutritionally and give them a strong foundation of both effective sports nutrition and healthy eating habits for the rest of their lives.  We feel strongly that the mental health of all athletes is of the utmost importance.  Student-athletes carry with them a large amount of added pressure both externally and internally.  We strive to provide needed support and awareness for maintaining a good life balance and emotional stability. Washington Athletic Academy provides programs to assist our young athletes physically, mentally and emotionally.


WAA operates out of two Go Time Athletics training facilities, located in Georgetown and West Seattle.  Go Time Athletics has a combined, 12 batting cages, 6 pitching tunnels, total of 7,000 square feet for infield work, 2 full weight room/areas, and an official-size volleyball court (only dedicated private volleyball court in Seattle).

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